SIDETAKERS With Olivia and Charlotte!

TIME TO PICK A SIDE! Here is the Sidetakers Situation:

Olivia was at a high-end designer store in Chicago a week ago (Wont Mention The Name Of Store) for her birthday. While in the store, she bought an expensive pair of shoes. It was on her "bucket list" of things to do on her 25th birthday. She saved her money, flew to Chicago with friends, had fun, bought the shoes and flew back to Orlando. While she was in the store, she thought about buying a belt too but changed her mind at the register. The woman at the register was busy, wasn't paying attention and put the belt in the bag and only charged her just for the shoes. Olivia didn't realize it until she got to Orlando. 

When Olivia told Charlotte about the belt left in the bag, she told Olivia to keep it and to look at it as an extra birthday gift. The belt was a couple hundred dollars and Olivia would have to save more money to pay for it. Charlotte told her it made no sense to go back to Chicago or call the store about a mistake that they clearly made. She should move on because she'll probably never going back to that store again. It been over a week and Olivia should just forget it. Charlotte mention that Olivia is a good person, always helping others and this is karma's way of giving something back to her. 


If you side with Olivia, she will find some way of paying or giving the belt back.

If you side with Charlotte, she'll keep the belt and just move on with her life.

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