Lil Wayne Opens Up About Mental Health - Trying to Take His Own Life

Have you heard Lil Wayne's life story? At the age of 10 he knew he had mental health issues and no one was there to listen to him! He tried to take his own life. He is still thanking a police officer for picking him up and saving his life.

Say what you want about Lil Wayne- He mentions some incredible things in this interview about Mental Health and how important and how REAL it is! He talks about the thought of "does anyone care. Will this matter when it's all over with?"

He talks about his mother and how he felt like he couldn't tell her how he was feeling... he wasn't allowed to talk about his feelings... but the day he tried to take his own life - that's the day his mom changed.

He mentions - If you are a parent and you start to think that your child is struggling mentally - you need to react with the realest reactions and LISTEN!

Another important message- “There is no bar to measure how real [mental health is]. It’s real. It’s so real that if someone even has the guts, the heart, the bravery, whatever to at least admit that they have something going on up there that they’re not sure about, it’s so real that we should only react in the realest way possible.”

Check out the Full interview with Emanuel Acho HERE!

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