Moving and Renovating with Twins!

So if you haven't heard OR seen on my instagram... Missy and I got a new house and we did almost ALL of the renovations over our vacay!

Moving and renovating is so stressful and when you throw two little ones in there... it seems almost impossible BUT we did it!

I am here to tell you it is possible. It might test your patience and your marriage ;) But I am here to motivate you!

some little pointers that I have for you if you are about to move with little ones:

-Pack a small bag with some of their favorite toys and keep that in a car or somewhere where you know where it's at at all times.

-When you are actually moving the furniture... try and have a babysitter or child care around so you can get more done!! When my parents weren't there or the nanny wasn't there... I wasn't able to help out that much!

-Unpack their room and get that room done FIRST so it feels like home to them!

-Try to remain on your normal schedule... We took naps in the cars with the babies to make sure they stayed on schedule!

-Make sure sharp objects, tools, paint.... things like that are out of reach for them! There were times where I would find a push pin on the floor and get so worried!

Here is a little behind the scenes of us moving into our new house and starting the renovations!

(SIDE NOTE- I curse a little in this. Sorry for the potty mouth)