Halsey Opens Up About Considering Sex Work

Halsey opened up about a time in her life when she considered getting into sex work in order to survive. She said,

“When I was living in New York, I was a teenager. My friends were picking out decorations for their dorms, and I was debating on whether or not I should let a stranger inside of me so I could pay for my next meal… It wasn’t because I did something bad. It wasn’t because something was wrong with me, and it wasn’t because my parents didn’t love me—because they did very much… But a series of unfortunate circumstances lead me to be in that position, and it can happen to absolutely anyone.”

While a part of me thinks it's great she speaking out in order to shed light on an issue some people are currently struggling with, a more cynical part of me feels like this is a grab for attention. Unlike Cardi B who actually lived that life to survive, Halsey is talking about how she really thought about it one time while shopping with her friends at like Target? Who hasn't contemplated doing something along those lines when they've been struggling, joking or not? It just wreaks of someone who can't speak out and support people without finding a way to make it about themselves in the process, to me. What do you think? You can check out more of what she had to say along with the quote up top here.

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