Ariana Grande Comes Out as Bisexual (Possibly)

In Ariana Grande and Victoria Monet's new song "Monopoly," the lyric "I like women and I like men" has several Arianators wondering if this is Ari's indirect way of coming out as bisexual. So much speculation, in fact, that Monet responded saying "she said what she said."

While Ariana has spoken in the past about sexual fluidity and not feeling the need to adhere to set labels, it would be an amazing show of support if someone who is undeniably that girl in pop music right now were to use said platform to come out as such, if she in fact is. At the same time, however, one could argue she has already been such an amazing and supportive ally to the community, and coming out isn't something someone should feel forced into doing regardless of status or platform etc.

While this does create several different overlapping conversations, in my opinion, we should shift the focus to people like Ashanti Carmon, a trans woman of color who was just murdered in Maryland on the Trans Day of Visibility. Whether Ariana is queer baiting with "Monopoly," or simply supporting the LGBT community, her wealth and privilege affords her the ability to live her life whichever way she chooses. A luxury still not granted to many members of our community.

If you'd like to support and uplift the LGBT community locally, here are a couple different links to check out:

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