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DeSantis Becomes Florida Governor

Florida's new governor took the oath of office Tuesday and laid out his agenda for the next four years.

Ron DeSantis promised what people have come to expect with inaugural addresses, low taxes and less government.

But he also promised to focus on fixing Florida's water pollution problems.

"The water is part and parcel of Florida's DNA," he said.

DeSantis also said that he would work to rein in "judicial activism," and would work to reform the health care system.

DeSantis added he wanted to tackle Florida's electoral dysfunction, noting that "one generation of botched elections is enough."

Florida's electoral headaches have made the state a perpetual laughingstock in the U.S., causing both laughter and cringing in equal measure.

DeSantis also made it clear that while he would work to achieve these and other goals over the next four years, the only guarantees he could give would be that he would work hard, with a full heart, and that he would strive to use his best judgment.

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