Lakeland City Commissioner Arrested after Shooting Incident

Authorities say a Lakeland city commissioner has been arrested in connection with the shooting death of a shoplifting suspect.

According to the State Attorney's Office, Michael Dunn faces charges of second degree murder.

Reports indicate that Dunn was indicted by a grand jury late Friday.

Authorities say he was taken into custody at the office of his attorney.

Investigators say this is connected to an incident earlier this month. 

Local police say Dunn allegedly shot the man in the course of a scuffle that began when Dunn saw the man trying to shoplift a hatchet from the Army Navy surplus store where Dunn is a co-owner.

Investigators note that surveillance video shows the suspect trying to head toward the front door of the shop.

The video also shows Dunn, armed and attempting to grab the man.

According to the video record, Dunn got a handful of the suspect's shirt, and the suspect tried to break free of the grip.

Investigators say the video appears to show Dunn firing one shot at the suspect.