Tampa Police Release Suspect Photos In Attack Outside Nardo Wick Appearance

TAMPA -- Police are looking for at least two men suspected of attacking a fan who wanted a selfie from a rapper, after a performance at an Ybor City club late Sunday night. They sent out updated photos based on video recorded outside Club Skye on 8th Avenue early Sunday morning.

According to police and witness reports, 20-year-old George Obregon Jr. approached Jacksonville rapper Nardo Wick after his performance, hoping for a selfie. Two men punched Obregon, sending him into a wall and onto the ground. A friend says Obregon suffered a concussion and is in a Pasco hospital.

Obregon's mother Michelle posted this message on her Facebook page (redacted): I want everyone to see what these (deleted) did to my son!!!!! At no point was my son aggressive at no (deleted) point did he show any sign of harm!!! My son wanted a stupid (deleted) picture with his favorite artist!!!! And This is what he gets!!!!!!! I am sick to my stomach to think about how this could have turned out!!!! Please help me share this please as a mother I am begging you to help get justice for George Obregon Jr. Anyone who knows my son knows he is the sweetest and gentlest kid ever. No drugs, alcohol, gang, nothing! I am dying here and my (deleted) heart is hurting so bad I am sick to my stomach. I can’t stay quiet.

Wick issued statements on his social media and through his team, insisting he was "furious" about the attack and reached out to Obregon's mother. He also insists the individuals involved aren't directly connected to him and that he tried to break up the attack.

The photos issued by police of the two men they believe are the suspects, are posted below:

Photos: Tampa Police

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